The family recipe that inspired it all

Growing up in the Mexican town of El Tenayo, Arturo Cruz would watch his mother make her signature slow-roasted salsa recipe. With fresh ingredients and robust flavors, mamá Cruz’s salsa was always on the family table.

Arturo’s parents: Epifania Cruz (Mother), Juan Cruz (Father)

Years later, as a line cook in New York City, Arturo would recreate his mother’s recipe: with patience, care, and high-quality ingredients. Word of his magic salsa quickly spread, and he couldn’t slow-roast fast enough. The salsa super fans convinced Arturo to share his passion for traditional flavors, and Tenayo was born. Today, he gets to serve a taste of his home to you.

Flavor like nothing else

We started with one slow-roasted salsa recipe—the first of its kind on the market. Today, every Tenayo product brings the best of Mexico to your table without ever sacrificing any flavor.